Qurban Episode 1 & 2 Watch HD – 20th November 2017



Heer who was conceived with a silver spoon discovers Jamal who isn’t monetarily steady yet have every single great nature of her dad which couldn’t prevent her from practice passionate feelings for him.

However, her folks need her to wed Shahmeer, who is Heer’s dad’s closest companion child and her life partner since adolescence.

Heer can’t help disagree with her folks’ choice and conflicts with them and subtly weds Jamal.

A couple of days after the fact, Jamal gets vanish without educating anybody which exasperates Heer’s life. Her folks don’t trust her and power her to get hitched to Shahmeer. Nikkah over Nikkah isn’t permitted and a transgression in Islam, however nobody trusts Heer about her first Nikkah.

Presently, she is hitched to Shahmeer and attempting to discover Jamal to get a separation. Her blame isn’t giving her a chance to carry on with a glad existence with her significant other.


How Heer will educate Shahmeer regarding her nikkah with Jamal? What will Shahmeer do when he will get to reality?Director: Ahmed Bhatti

Writer: Zafar Miraaj

Cast Name Details:

Iqra Aziz, as Heer

Bilal Abbas Khan, as Jamal

Shehzad Sheikh, as Shahmeer

Laila R Wasti, as Shehla

Rehan Sheikh, as Shafi

Umair Rana,

Shamim Hilali,

Yashma Gill and Others Details.

Watch ‘QURBAN’ Monday at 8:00 pm to 10 : 00 pm only on ARY Digital.

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