Kashee’s Artist Bridal Eyes Makeup

Here revealing the top-secret of kashees beautiful eyes.

Kashee’s artist is one of the famous beauty parlor in Pakistan also got access in all over the country. Now in this advertisement kashee’s beauty parlor are showing the eyes lashing latest makeup for bridal. Also see the eyes full extension beidal makeup with price list of all type of bridal and party makeup for you. We are presenting you our different variations of lashes which are made 100% sterilized human hair . Kashees lashes are specially made to transform your natural eyes into the dazzling look you desire for. & we love to share our different styles of lashes with you and i’m sure you will love it. kashee’s beauty parlour eyelashes price list. They are so comfortable and durable.  It is specially and only made for our clients and the brides for their special days who just lovee to have the most stunning look in their beautiful eyes.  So, come and get the desired eyelashe with the perfect diva look we got the huge lashes collection that will make you fall in loveee with. kashees parlour  bridal makeup

For beautiful eyes must follow these steps

  1. Dark brown or eyes lenes are not suit on the very white color and Older
  2. For the showing of eyes big on the lenes and burish Middle of the eyelashes a line are draw on the down word of below eyelashes. This line would be the mid of the eyelashes.
  3. For the eyes beauty some artist in beauty parlor and cosmetic & women also feel uncomfortable for this process. By this process of eyelashes some time tears are started for eyes or eyes burning felling. To the avoide of this worrry hurry up clean the makeup of your eyes and put the eyes slotion for comfortable.

Kashee’s Artist Bridal Eyesy Makeup


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Kashee’s Artist Bridal Eyesy Makeup




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