How To Get Long Hair Through Onions Juice

There is also a natural solution to removing obstacles to hair extensions

There are so many prescriptions to lengthen hair, but one of the easiest domestic prescriptions is also the use of onion, which is not less expensive and more difficult.

Naturally, onion is found to strengthen weakened hair and save them from breaking, when onion is also a natural solution to overcome obstacles to lengthening hair. Add a medium size onion to add a spoon honey and a spoon caster oil.

onion juice for hair growth before and after


How To Get Long Hair Through Onions Juice

How To Make Onion Juice For Hair Grow-thing


Now mix these ingredients well and put a little bit of this mixture on the hair and leave for an hour, then wash hair with any shampoo. By doing this simple procedure daily, the hair will be taller.

Onion’s bone is especially nonsense and nutritious, but onion not only removes the headache but in spite of its anti-oxidation, it helps in reducing blood flow by removing the head surface scalp.


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