How To Do Manicure At Home Step By Step

What is means by manicure?

Actually manicure means that Nails trimming it’s means that the cleaness of hands and nails is called manicure.

How to do manicure at home yourself

There is a method of manucure wich is very simply and easy for you. This method myself apply at home. First of all apply the nail polish and starte manucure your nails. Manicure is apply for the Convert of your nails in beautiful shapes. how to do manicure at home with home ingredients.

How To Do Manicure At Home Step By Step

How To Do A Professional Manicure

For the manicure you will need these things

  1. Maincure

  2. Mainl remover

  3. Cuticle cream

  4. Nail polish

  5. Small soft towel

  6. Dettole

  7. Shemopo

  8. Good cream for hands

Take few drop of water and dettole in  A bowl. Then put your hands in A bowl after 5 mint Take out. Ao now manicure of your hands are done thanx for visiting our page. Follow this page fore more fashion updates and home remedies beauty tips for you also share this post your friends on facebook, twitter, google etc.

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